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We are Wolf Brothers Cinema

A film production company that writes and films stories for you.

Why? Because we like it and, hey, it may be your kind of fun.


Wolf is a film director and soundtrack composer. He launched his first film when he was 18 years old. The event organizers had to show the production twice since the crowd was too big to fit in the showroom. He took that as a good sign and kept going. What started off as a series of tributes for Tales of Monkey Island – a video game made by Telltale Games – evolved into various shows and clips that brought enjoyment to those who like a little bit of escapism in their lives.

“I find it heartwarming when people send good wishes. They tell us that we’re going to end up in Hollywood one day. I welcome every positive event, yet our aim is simpler: have fun, bring fun, and make a living out of it.”


Mihai is a visual and audio artist, as well as a good storyteller. His concept art, made through various mediums (drawing, painting, sculpting etc.) has liberated the imagination of the audience. A unique set of skills and achievements enabled him to bring to life concepts from various domains. From fantasy comic books to very real, state-of-the-art AI machinery, his personal treasure trove allows him to breathe wonder into his stories, bringing them to you in a way you’ve never experienced them before.

“Life is about doing good, helping yourself and others whenever possible. Always look for the good parts of life.”


Together we have over 25 years of experience in filmography, special effects and music. It feels like it is time to let the world see who we are. We create these stories to offer entertainment, support and life-nuggets in a relatable way and through a lens that is typical to Wolf Brothers Cinema. We hope they offer you that little spark of inspiration to keep for later in life.

Our work so far

Like our work?

If you wish to support our work, we accept any donations to fund our movies and projects. You can also support us through our Patreon page, where you can get extra goodies, as well as bonuses and behind the scenes excitement. Enjoy!

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