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🎬 Some are Silent – a Lovecraftian story – Episode 1


– Some are Silent – a Lovecraftian story – Episode 1 (40m 00s) (838 Mb)
– Subtitles in English, Romanian (srt files)

In the small city of Bridrun, the lives of the residents remain unperturbed by an oncoming shadow. Things are set into motion by a simple suicide. It’s up to Katia Strela and Detective Harvey Bowe to begin unraveling an unseen world.


“Episode one of Some are Silent is a hugely effective supernatural thriller that has a genuine style and feel all of its own. It’s a show that will puzzle and grip you in equal measure and I will be looking forward to the rest of the episodes with bated breath.” – ScreenCritix, 2020

“Lovecraft was always able to emphasise the cosmic horror of the unseen rather than the more visual aspect of gore, and Some are Silent’s use of creepy sound effects during Katia’s visions and the scenes involving the supernatural are so good that they leave you with a major sense of unease. That is just as effective as any jump scare or shocking image.” – ScreenCritix, 2020


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