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🎬 Cities in the Air – Episode 1


– Cities in the Air – Episode 1 (19m 19s) (572 Mb)
– Subtitles in English, Romanian, German, Italian, French (srt files)

Two survivors of the recently started nuclear fallout meet in the wasteland where they face an unexpected danger. They must work together to survive while an unlikely friendship forms.


In a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity is so hard to find, two strangers have to team up to face a new challenge.

“Using very few resources The Wolf Brothers have managed to create an impressive world. I have no doubt that their efforts will result in the return of viewers for future episodes of this enjoyable web series.” – ScreenCritix, 2019

“What an amazing pilotic explosive episode from the young directing duo, Wolf and Mihai. A very unique color palette served with a great original score and smart screenplay.” – London International Monthly Film Festival, 2021


German subtitles adapted and translated by Daniel RΓΆmer
Italian subtitles adapted and translated by Federico Maggiore
French subtitles adapted and translated by Alexis Boucher


  1. Farendour (verified owner)

    I waited a long time for this to come out and without a doubt i can can say it was worth the wait.
    Like always Wolf orchestrated and Incredibly atmosphiric soundtrack, which is one of the strengths of every W.B.C project. The cinematography pulls you right in to the post apocalyptic world and the story telling through body language, visuals and the soundtarck works perfecty.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and personally, I can hardly wait for the next one.

    Make sure to watch it a second time, and notice how each chracter acts once you know a certain thing.

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