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🎵 Ask a Monkeyologist – Official Soundtrack


By popular demand, this collection of tracks and musical cues has been carefully selected from the archives of Wolf Brothers Cinema. Please be cautious as some of these themes are old, very old, and the audio quality will differ heavily from track to track.

The first episode of Ask a Monkeyologist was posted in September 2009 and so was the first theme. As you go through the album, you will notice that the two prominent themes (of Kauff and Gustav respectively) basically comprise the entire soundtrack – they are repeated, studied, taken apart, rebuilt and reconstructed in various ways to suit the comedic timing of specific episodes.  They evolve throughout the years, up until 2017, in ways that bring newer and newer surprises into the mix.

01. Ask a Monkeyologist Theme (00:54)
02. Kauff’s Original Theme (01:42)
03. Gustav’s Original Theme (01:02)
04. The Monkeyologists Answer Questions (01:11)
05. The Monkeyologists Question Each Other’s Answers (01:08)
06. Armando to the Rescue (Stop Fighting) (00:46)
07. Kauff Notices the Wig (01:22)
08. Mountains Solitude (01:01)
09. Gustav Returns (00:44)
10. Gustav’s Answering Questions Show  (01:25)
11. Manipulating Weasel (01:23)
12. The Dream Machine (01:53)
13. Gustav Rocks (00:08)
14. Bake the Baking Soda Soda (00:18)
15. Kauff’s Friend (01:05)
16. Black and Sepia (00:43)
17. Gustav’s Epiphany (00:30)

Total: 17:15

Sound quality varies greatly from track to track as they span across generations of recording equipment. This collection was requested by fans of the series and all the tracks are in their original quality.


A real little gem of Wolf Brothers Cinema history.


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