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So you’ve decided to have a look at our films, yet you are uncertain of some things… let’s take that uncertainty and put confidence in its place! Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that should help you along nicely. Remember, you can always send us an email through our contact form HERE and we’ll get back to you asap.

If there is a problem with your order, write to us first through our contact form HERE (click)! We can fix things super fast for you.

The most frequent email we get is related to “I haven’t received my product email” or “I haven’t received my password email” – please check your spam folder first! 🙂

Intense Questions

  • What is this site?!
    This site is like your very own special cinema – you pick something that seems interesting or fun, you buy it and then you can enjoy it as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own home or on your way to work, or on holiday, anywhere you’d like.
  • Are the products digital? DVD? Blu Ray? Made for Streaming? Is it a Streaming Service?
    The products are exclusively digital, downloadable – which means you can download them on your phone, on your PC, laptop and enjoy them offline.
  • Wait so they’re mine forever??
    Yes!! In their original quality and for your personal viewing pleasure. No strings attached, just please do not distribute or pirate our work – we try to keep the prices as low as possible. This is our source of income and we love to bring you more exciting stuff. 🙂
  • Will they work on my PC / Mac / Phone / Tablet ? 
    All the movies have been optimized for the best playback experience on modern devices. As far as we know, they should play without problems… but if you do encounter problems, we kindly guide you to the troubleshooting section below.
  • I absolutely LOVE your work – where can I see more? Maybe behind the scenes stuff? Exclusive goodies?
    We cordially invite you behind the curtain, on our ~ Patreon ~ page.

Wise Troubleshooting

  • How do I order a film or song?
    You browse through our Main Page – (notice that we also have two buttons that filter the content depending on your mood, if you’re in the mood for something witty or something more relaxing and fun) – select the products you’d like to see by adding them to your cart. After that, you can view your cart, go to checkout and follow the steps provided there. After purchase, the films and music are available to you instantly via your account page.
  • I want to buy something, but it says that I can pay with PayPal. I don’t have PayPal, what do I do?
    It’s perfectly fine, PayPal is not mandatory for a purchase. If you’ll keep scrolling down on your checkout page, you’ll see that we accept regular credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Revolut and so on.
  • I bought something and I can’t see it! It gives me this weird archive / zip / rar/ 7z file. What is this? Where’s my film?
    It’s ok! In order to make the files smaller, we archived them.
    If you’re on PC, all you need to do is to right click on the file and select “Extract to”. In the odd case you do not have the default software of opening archives, you can grab it from ~ here ~ (ZIP) or ~ here ~ (RAR) or ~ here ~ (7Z). These sites also have Mac counterparts, and all versions are free.
    If you’re on mobile or tablet, Android, you can find the same ZIP/RAR archive opener (or unzipper) ~ here ~, and it’s free.
    If you’re on mobile or tablet, iOS, you can find the same ZIP/RAR archive opener (or unzipper) ~ here ~, and it’s free.
  • Okay, I opened the archive AND extracted the files in there, but the films don’t play or don’t have sound! What now?
    The films are made to work on any setup, yet for the best results we recommend the video player called “VLC” which you can download ~ here ~.
    For mobiles, if they don’t play, try using a free MP4 player from the store.
  • I am watching the films on my PC/Mac, but the sound seems to be a bit desynced/slow/fast – what’s going on?
    Some video players play nicer than others – we recommend “VLC” which you can download ~ here ~. On VLC we tested all our films and they work as intended.
    For mobiles, try a different free mp4 player from the store.
  • The archive is broken, I can’t extract the films/music and it’s giving me errors, why?
    Internet speed and stability varies from country to country. Our servers are pretty stable, but there’s always a small chance of a mishap. We suggest you redownload the archive and make sure your internet connection is strong and doesn’t get interrupted. All archives have been tested and they work, so it must’ve been a corrupted/interrupted download. Try again!
    For tech-aficionados, if you have a connection that is under 10Mb / second for download, there is a high chance you’ll have trouble with big files from *any* site, not just ours. There’s not much we can do about this on our side.
  • The video playback is choppy on my phone / tablet, why?
    All the products are in Full HD (unless stated otherwise in their descriptions) – some older mobile phones or tablets might not be able to handle that resolution. We try to optimize them for all modern devices, yet there will always be the odd device that just won’t play them very smoothly. You can always switch to a PC and enjoy them there.
  • How do I get subtitles / How do I make them work?
    Some of our products come with a separate archive with subtitles.
    If your player doesn’t automatically detect your preferred subtitle (which you placed in the same folder as the film), try to rename the subtitle exactly as the name of the film.
    Example: You downloaded “CITA – Ep1.mp4” and the subtitles are named “”. Rename “English” to “Cita – Ep1” so that you’ll end up with the file “Cita –”. This should be detected by all players, including VLC player (the one we reccomend)
    If you did all that and your TV/Tablet/Player still doesn’t detect the subtitles, this may mean that the software intentionally omitted the detection of this kind of subtitle file (which is the most common one used). Unfortunately, this is the only case where we can’t offer any assistance, as it is beyond our control.
  • How do I know if a certain film has subtitles in my language?
    The products that have subtitles will present a list of supported languages on their respective pages.
  • I bought one product but I have two in my list! What’s going on? Did you charge me twice?
    You were not charged twice – the second product listing is, actually, the subtitles (as a separate download). It is a small naming bug (they’re named the same as the film) which we are working on to fix as soon as possible. It doesn’t affect anything, except the name of the file in your downloads list.

General Enquiries

  • Can I review your films or songs on my blog / Youtube channel with ads and monetization?
    Of course!
  • Can I make a music video / AMV clip with your music, songs, soundtracks or even clips from your films?
    Ideally, they are for personal listening only, but we’re glad that you feel inspired! Keep that feeling and go create something of your own, we’d love to see it! If you just *have* to create an AMV because otherwise you’d explode (we know the feeling), as long as it is non-commercial, we’re ok with you using clips from our films and soundtracks from our works. A link to our site in the description would be kindly appreciated with the appropriate credit given.
  • I want to use a song / clip / film to make something nice, like a tribute or use it as a basis for my cosplay! May I please do that?
    Enclosed with every purchase is a document that answers all these questions and more! As a general answer, we’re ok with creative spirits as long as we keep it respectful and non-commercial. Please, do read the document enclosed, it goes in depth for specific situations.
  • Where can I contact you guys? I have a GREAT idea for a script!
    Due to the laws that come with our work, we cannot accept scripts, ideas and film / song suggestions. Any coincidence between your posted ideas )or any emails you send us) and our future work will be considered just that, a coincidence, and it might hurt both parties legally. Discuss theories all you like in the comments, we are just obligated to ignore scripts and ideas by law. If you post an idea and months later that same idea is featured in one of our films, we’re thrilled that you had the same idea as us, but it will still be a coincidence and we won’t be able to legally pay you for it. If you are looking for a legal collaboration, please see the next question.
  • I’d love to work on a collab with you, how do we do this?
    Send us an email through our contact form HERE and we’ll get back to you on that.
  • I’d love to hire you for a live performance / video / party / video editing / consultancy on a project / advice – how do we do this? 
    Send us an email through our contact form HERE and we’ll get back to you on that.
  • I’ve contacted you and you replied! We barely started chatting about fun stuff, but then you stopped replying, why?
    As much as we love chatting with you guys, there’s a LOT of you guys. We prioritize troubleshooting and helping you out with issues related to our site, but we simply lack the time to support long conversations. We appreciate that you like our work and we really wish we could chat with everyone, we’re just focused on running this cinema for you! 🙂 We love you!

Awkward Asks

  • How do you feel about piracy? I feel like this would help you get more views!
    While we appreciate the love and good intentions, if you put our work on torrents and other file sharing places, or even online for free, you would actively be hurting our capability of making more films and music.
  • I found your stuff on various yo-ho-ho sites. Are you guys ok with me getting it from there?
    We’re a small Film Production company right now, we understand the fact that some of you might not be able to afford buying our work, but if you just have no other means of seeing it – then let’s be open about it. Do what you feel is fair, but find ways to compensate, spread the word about our site, our films, do a review online… be kind to our work. We need revenue to survive, both as people and as a company. Thank you for thinking of us ♥
  • I bought your films and music! Can I share them with my friends, relatives, dogs, cats, birbs?
    We’d be honored! However, please remember that it would help us so much more if your friends would be guided towards our site and invited to browse. Whenever friends of friends get our films and music for free, a little battery dies in our studio – and those things are expensive o.o
  • Can I put the films and music I got from you on Youtube, Vimeo, TikTok, online, anywhere?
    Sorry, no, they are for personal viewing only, but we’re happy that you think our work deserves the attention! Please, by all means, send people over to our site and recommend them what you liked most. Or, hey, why not do a review? We love reviews!
  • Can I make reaction videos?
    Yes, with maximum 60 seconds of footage used overall. So you can cover the entire film you are reacting to, but only show what you consider to be the best reactions (not the entire film).
  • Can I make tshirts or merch with your characters and sell them?
    Sorry, no, these characters are copyrighted, but we’re excited that you like them so much!
  • Do you take requests?
    Nnnnnnot right now. We might have polls on our ~ Patreon ~ !
  • I want to be an actor/actress in your films! How can we make it happen?
    We hold auditions for new projects from time to time. Join our Discord server for the latest announcements. We can talk there!
  • I’ve sent you my script / ideas, why don’t you reply?
    Sorry, we’re required by law to ignore all unsolicited scripts and ideas. Silly law, eh?
  • When will the next episode of …………… be posted?
    When it’s ready. We’re working hard on multiple projects at the same time! Stay tuned!
  • I can’t afford things from your site, why don’t you make free stuff on Youtube?
    We used to but we wanted to take it to a higher level. Do you like the blue background on our site? We loooove it!
  • Who’s your Producer / MakeUp Artist / Cameraman / SFX Artist / Sound Engineer / Director / Sponsor / Set designer / Costume designer?
    Unless stated otherwise in the credits, we are. We’re a team of two brothers and we take care of everything.
  • Where can I find your Cookie Policy?
    Right here – link
  • Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
    Right here – link
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